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Vanessa de Happi, Symbol of the Rising Generation, according to Cameroon CEO Magazine

Alongside other great female figures of the Cameroonian Bar, Vanessa De Happi, Of Counsel at the DH Avocats Law Firm, is the subject of an article in the March 2021 edition of the magazine #CameroonCEO, a information magazine about people who impact the business world in Cameroon.

Vanessa de Happi, Avocate

In that special edition, which focuses on 8 lawyers who 'make the colors and life of business law' in Cameroon, she is presented as the 'Symbol of the rising generation'.

Through the strength of her commitment, she has greatly contributed to the expansion of the Firm's practice areas, such as Compliance (her expertise), Corporate, Banking and Financial Law as well as Investment Law.

Her dynamism and dedication have enabled DH Avocats to position itself among the top firms in matters of advice and business litigation in Cameroon.

Many thanks to for this mark of recognition.

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