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Marie Hatho.jpeg


  • Litigation and arbitration of cases

  • Debt recovery

  • Public procurement law

  • Criminal Law

  • Tax litigation

  • Civil law of persons and goods

Marie Hatho


Registered as a lawyer at the Cameroon Bar, and holder of a Master in Litigation and Business Arbitration from the Catholic University of Central Africa and a Master in Business and Corporate Law from the University of Douala, Marie Hatho Mbeya specializes in litigation and business arbitration.


She benefits from nearly four years of experience in a law firm, during which she was able to practice in matters of enforced debt collection proceedings, public contracts, criminal litigation and civil litigation. Her career in the legal affairs division of the Ministry of Public Works, specifically in the Litigation unit, enabled her to refine her skills in the management of public procurement litigation.


It is within this framework that she handles and monitors files relating to public contracts, civil, commercial and criminal litigation at DH Avocats.

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